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Checking the Register


published:05 Jun 2009

The GTC can confirm whether the teachers employed by a school, local authority (LA) or supply agency are fully registered. Most employers, including all those in the state sector, will need to make these checks. 

All employers in England can use Employer Access to check the GTC Register and view details of a teacher's:

  • qualified teacher status (QTS)
  • induction record
  • disciplinary orders, if any exist
  • degree qualifications, where available.

Checking the Register is a key public safeguard, alongside criminal record checks, identity checks and the scheme for barring unsuitable teachers run by the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Who can use Employer Access?
LAs, schools and supply agencies can all use the online service.

LAs can check individual teacher records, or view a list of all the teachers in a particular school within their authority.

Schools can check individual teacher records, view a list of all the teachers in their school, and amend the list if it isn't accurate.

Supply agencies can use the service to check individual teacher records.

If you wish to contact the Employer Access Team by email, we will require the full name and address of your school or organisation. If you are a school, please advise us of the name and email address of the headteacher.

  • email:

You can also call us for further details.

  • phone: 0121 345 0150

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