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published:14 Jun 2010

Welcome to the GTCE’s pedagogy section where you will find ideas and resources to support teachers in developing their professional expertise and autonomy.

Professionalism and pedagogy
Professionalism and pedagogy is a jointly published Commentary from the GTCE and Professor Andrew Pollard of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP). A copy has been sent to every head teacher in England.

The Commentary aims to support teachers and leaders to build their professional expertise by drawing on the wealth of tacit knowledge they already possess. It also celebrates teacher expertise and provides a robust theoretical basis for teaching 

The conceptual framework
The framework is a key part of the Commentary which examines nine ‘enduring issues’ teachers face in their daily working lives, through the filters of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

The concepts and ideas that feature in the framework should be looked on as inter-related, movable, and open to challenge. The framework is designed to support the development of expertise at the local, context specific level. But we hope it will also spark a national debate about teacher expertise. 

Other resources
In this section we also have a case study illustrating the use of the conceptual framework, including a downloadable staff activity and ideas on using the resources.

All resources including the Commentary and framework are available to download using the links provided on the right hand side of every page in this section.

Please let us know what you think of these resources and your stories of using these in your institution. 

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